Fairchild Robotics highlights robots that are redefining industrial and environmental robotic system applications.

Meet Baxter from Rethink Robotics

Baxter at IROS 2014

Baxter loves repetitive tasks!
Working on the assembly line is his joy!

Baxter is a strong production tool for "light" manufacturing facilities and small businesses. His two compliant arms are ready to be trained by a human operator who can easily show Baxter how to perform a task.  Baxter is safe and can intelligently work alongside people by sensing their presence and adapting his movements to the dynamics of the environment. 

Integrating Baxter is a low cost solution to gain your company a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.  Visit Baxter’s website at Rethink Robotics to gather more information and view Baxter’s YouTube videos. 

Baxter current talents include:
      • packing and unpacking boxes
      • parts inspection and sorting
      • moving and re-orienting parts
      • parts assembly
      • placing parts in machines
      • operating simple machines
      • interfacing with factory control equipment
New developments will continue to expand Baxter’s capabilities.  Contact Fairchild Robotics to discuss your company’s unique requirements for incorporating this versatile addition to your workplace.

Meet Clearpath Robotics

Clearpath Robotics at IROS 2014
Husky, Grizzly, Jackal and Kingfisher

Clearpath Robotics is a leader in constructing a wide range of robotic platforms for land or water applications.  Clearpath's robots have a common open-source software (ROS) platform that speeds the development of robot system software to incorporate user-identified application needs.

Fairchild Robotics can develop applications unique for your requirements including:
              • monitoring interior and exterior environmental conditions
              • data collection in dangerous areas
              • analysis of rugged environments (land or water)
              • extending human capabilities
              • automating tedious work
Clearpath Robotics' proven robotic platforms are an excellent base to support the development of many types of robot applications.  Learn more about Husky, Grizzly, Jackal and Kingfisher at Clearpath Robotics' website.  Contact Fairchild Robotics to discuss the unique requirements of your application.